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Recalled Lance Adams-Schneider, who often delivered a new car from Petone to Hamilton, at no personal expense.

Describes Wallace Rowling and John Marshall as the "gentlemen" in politics and were really bashed around by the tough guys. "Muldoon used to give Rowling hell". Marshall was excellent as an ambassador for New Zealand.

Sir Leslie Munro a colourful politician. "I accompanied him on air travel often. Took him home in his car, an easy person to talk to".

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Michael Minogue "certainly not a yes man - always had the opposite view"!

Hilda Ross, a well-respected person. Rumoured that she swam in the river, every day of the year - weather aside. Recalls in 1956 Hilda was introduced to the Springboks and Waikato Rugby Teams, chatting longer than scheduled. The game started later than scheduled. This game was the highlight of the decade. Springboks had a great reputation. this 1st game was against Waikato and Waikato won 14-10 and with one man short. Temporary Grandstand, straddling Pie Shop, providing another 80 seats.

Railway line lowered in the 50's. Guard would come out with his flag and stop traffic. Great disruption.

Concerns etc, held at Mormon College - local amenities unsatisfactory.