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Avid listener; Goon Show, Take It From Here, Round the Horne and Randy Stone. Would try to tune in to Auckland stations for hit parades (ranking of pop songs). In 1960 arrival of TV. Didn't like jazz. Rock `n roll received little air time but movies increased its popularity. Teenage audiences received no recognition as a group.

1958 saw Johnny Devlin,

"He was just the bee's knees..."

Tells anecdotes about unfortunate incidents in picture theatre which led to banishment from theatre. Severe punishment because of large part movies played in teenage entertainment. Remembers first hamburger (cost 1/9d).

About 1958-59 bodgies began to disappear. Rob's group stayed together although some girls left to Rob's regret.

"Girls were a good part of my life, they were really lovely people"

Still saw them sometimes, but most left Hamilton.