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Claudelands was a busy suburb; green grocer, butcher, chemist, groceries and meat were delivered, appreciated with the running of a large house. Ran errands on her bicycle. Hamilton was the centre; House and Daking, Hooker and Kingston's, shoe shops. Went to town over railway bridge,

"hope that a train wouldn't come ...with steam all over you ... wasn't paved, look down slats and see the water ... a great meeting place could get held up ...with little chats on the bridge"

Remembers Lowry's bakery, Jones' Shoe store, Dolly Varden, Caro's Bargain Store, Taylor's toyshop, Mackenzie's which had dolls and teddies (discusses getting her toy bear Bruno and her baby doll).

Went with her sister to meet her father in town, he had an office in Victoria St. near Hood Street, enjoyed being weighed on the big scales, father walked them home, had a treat on the way; a chocolate bar or an orange drink.

Went to the swimming baths in a group, had a swim and then came home. Swam in the river when she got older.

Did a lot of bicycling, "Generally bicycles were the `in' thing." A lot of her friends lived near. Father had a car so transport was never difficult.

Father visited farms in the car, in the holidays the children joined him (discusses these

trips and what her father did).

Seeing other bits of the country was an `adventure'. Describes the old cars.

Discusses holidays they went on, traffic man with a white glove.

Went to Auckland Zoo and had a ride on Jamuna, the elephant, polar bears. Bombay hills.

Had a happy home life, often had visitors. Her mother was busy and involved with family and visitors.

During the Depression did more things at home, discusses less expensive entertainments when on holiday in Auckland.