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Review of publications

The books referred to below have been abstracted from review copies received from the publisher by the Editor of this Newsletter. Except where noted otherwise, none of the books are available from PAHO. The publisher and the list price (when available) are included at the end of the abstracts for readers who are interested in purchasing the books.

Atlantis, Royal Military College of Science. 1983 (English)

ATLANTIS is a simulation exercise designed "to provide realistic training in disaster relief management for people in government and non-governmental organizations who have responsibilities for disaster preparedness and relief." According to an announcement from its authors, ATLANTIS simulates the crises of a major disaster and involves the participants in the problems, pressures, confusion and frustration which can arise after natural catastrophes. Its main components: analysis and planning relevant to disaster preparedness; crisis management; development planning and environment management.

- Department of Management Sciences, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, Swindon SN6 8LA, England

Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation. P. Safar, 240 pp. Extensive refs. 1981 (English)

Divided into three phases: basic life support (emergency oxygenation); advanced life support (restarting spontaneous circulation and stabilizing the cardiopulmonary system), and prolonged life support (post-resuscitative intensive care). Includes guidelines for teaching first aid and on hospital and community organization for an "emergency and critical care medicine system." Intended as a manual primarily for physicians, nurses and paramedical personnel responsible for resuscitation procedures, the author also keeps instructors, organizers and the public in mind. Valuable state of the art presentation for all medical personnel involved in emergency related services. Color slides illustrating the book are also available.

- US$17.50. Asmund S. Laerdal, P.O. Box 377, N4001 Stavanger, Norway. (W.B. Saunders, 911 Schindler Dr., Silver Spring, Maryland 20903, U.S.A.)

Disaster and Reconstruction, R. Geipel, 202 pp. Extensive refs. 1983 (English, German)

Examination of the social and economic impact of the earthquakes that struck the area of Friuli, Italy, in 1976. The German research team studied the effects that differences in culture, economy, and political structure of the 100 urban and rural communities had on their response to the disaster and long-term reconstruction decisions. They found significant differences with respect to similar studies that have been carried out, mainly in the U. S.

- U.S.$19.95. Allen & Unwin, Inc. 9 Winchester Terrace, Winchester, Massachusetts 01890, U.S.A.

Fires and Human Behavior, D. Canter, ed. 338 pp. Extensive refs. 1980 (English)

Compilation of articles on human behavior in the face of fire and ways in which knowledge about such reactions can be included in fire fighting and prevention programs. Authors are experts from U.S. and Britain. Case studies include fires in domestic, multiple occupancy and institutional settings, including hospitals and nursing facilities. The section on patient evacuation in hospitals will be of particular interest to managers of health care facilities.

- US$40.00. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 605 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10158, U.S.A.

Proceedings of the Latin American Workshop on Earthen Buildings in Seismic Areas, INTERTECT, 718 pp. 1983 (English and Spanish)

The Latin American Workshop on Earthen Buildings in Seismic Areas was held in Lima, Peru, 23-27 May 1983. Participants included professionals in research and testing, structural design, repair and reinforcement, training and program implementation. Contains 39 papers and the conclusions and recommendations from the Technical Meeting and Workshop. Published primarily in Spanish, with a few papers in English. The proceedings will be of interest to planners, engineers and architects, those working with earthen construction, housing funding organizations, government officials, and post-disaster reconstruction personnel.

- US$20.00, plus $5.00 postage. INTERTECT, P.O. Box 10502, Dallas, Texas 75207, U.S.A.

(Spanish "Memorias: Seminario Latinoamericano de Construcciones de Tierra en Areas Sísmicas")

A Relief Operation Training Simulation. D. Kemball-Cook, 38 pp. 1983 (English)

A simulation game prepared under the auspices of the London-based International Disaster Institute. Treats the problem of food relief distribution to populations in rural areas where communications and infrastructure are poor and resources are limited. Intended for agency and government officials with no previous experience in relief operations, and to promote awareness among players of the importance of unified management in logistics, communications and documentation.

- US$10.00. IDI, 85 Marylebone High Street, London W1M 3DE, England.