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Review of publications

The books referred to below have been abstracted from review copies received from the publisher by the Editor of this Newsletter. Except where noted otherwise, none of the books are available from PAHO. The publisher and the list price (when available) are included at the end of the abstracts for readers who are interested in purchasing the books.

Medicine for Disasters. Peter Haskell and Robin Weller, Edge 392 pp., 1987 (English)

When disaster strikes, health care workers, nurses and doctors must be able to react rationally and efficiently. This book about the medical management of disasters, provides fundamental principles and knowledge upon which to base activities. It covers a wide variety of subject areas including medical skills such as assessment; triage; resuscitology and the management of severe trauma and management aspects such as disaster planning; coordination between governments and relief agencies; personnel and training; emergency supplies; patient evacuation; and the media and public relations. Available in November 1987. -f30.00. John Wright, recline House, Redcliffe Way, Bristol BS1 6NX, United Kingdom.

Effective Emergency Response: The Salt Lake Valley Floods of 1983, 1984, & 1985. Ellis L. Armstrong and Howard Rosen. Public Works Historical Society, 58 pp., 1986 (English)

Because all disasters have similar problems and basic management requirements for planning and response, this publication presents an analysis of the decision-making process for emergency flood control operations in Salt Lake County. The purpose is to contribute to the continuing planning process for emergency operations. It stresses the need for hazard assessment and the development of plans that are consistent with the degree of risk. It also summarizes the specific recommendations developed from the study which are both useful and of interest to planners involved in managing emergency operations.

- US$5.00. Public Works Historical Society, 1313 East Keith Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60637 U.S.A.

New Slide Series

PAHO is pleased to announce that the following slide series are now available for distribution:

Emergency Management of Environmental Health and Water Supply is a nine-set slide series designed to assist professionals charged with preparedness for water and sewerage agencies. Each set contains between 30-40 slides and an accompanying script. The detailed scripts can be used by instructors as a guide for their presentations or they can serve as handouts for participants in seminars and workshops. The series includes the following individual titles:

1. General Overview: A Case for Preparedness
2. Planning Techniques
3. Vulnerability Analysis
4. Prevention Measures
5. Planning for Floods
6. Planning for Earthquakes
7. Planning for Hurricanes
8. Temporary Camps and Settlements
9. Water Quality

Prehospital Medical Care in Disaster Situations deals with mass casualty management at the disaster site. This Backslide set discusses the on-site command post; the personnel needed to staff it; and their roles and functions. It also deals with security measures; transport; communications; and triage and tagging.

Hospital Medical Care in Disaster Situations is a 39-slide set that offers an introduction to the risks that hospitals face and the main components of a hospital disaster plan. It lists steps that hospitals can take during the preparation phase, when committees are established, logistical arrangements are made and interinstitutional and intersectoral links are forged; the alert phase when the hospital plan is set in motion and facilities are readied; and the emergency phase when disaster victims begin arriving and care is provided. Both of the above sets come with accompanying scripts.

All of the above available in English or Spanish. For further information on ordering any of these slide programs, please contact the Editor of this Newsletter.