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Regional plan for disaster reduction in central America

During the XIV President's Meeting in Guatemala (October 1993), the Presidents of Central American nations took the following decision, which calls for a sub-regional project without precedent in the Region:

"Resolution 26: We recognize the social and economic impact caused by the recurrence of natural disasters in the region, and in response, we have decided to strengthen the national institutions that manage disaster prevention, response and mitigation, with the support of the Coordination Center for Natural Disaster Prevention in Central America (CEPREDENAC). We recommend the execution of a "Regional Plan for Disaster Reduction in Central America", whose chief element should be the introduction of the topic of disaster reduction into our national education systems."

The guidelines for initiating the design of a Regional Plan were made during three sessions of inter-institutional, Central American meetings during the second half of 1993, coordinated by CEPREDENAC

The Regional Plan will define the strategic framework of the natural disaster reduction process in Central America, as a concerted action by the national and international community, from a regional perspective and based on national experiences.

Some of the objectives are: to introduce disaster reduction as a component of sustainable development in the process of regional integration; to promote concerted actions with the participation of different sectors; and to promote interdependence in technical and scientific instances of planning and administration.

The work is advancing within the framework of the Central American Integration System (SICA), and has the full support of its Secretariat.

Sources: Pablo Pastor, SICA, and Rolando Durán, CEPREDENAC.