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View the documentPeru: Geodeci project: A geographic information system for the civil defense of Peru

Peru: Geodeci project: A geographic information system for the civil defense of Peru

Aware of the fact that prevention is a sound investment, and that a situation can be confronted more easily if it can be measured or forecast, the National Civil Defense Institute of Peru has launched the GEODECI Project, a Geographic Information System (GIS) for Civil Defense.

The project's objective is to facilitate data interpretation. GEODECI will provide municipalities with geographic information about local hazards and vulnerability in the form of maps, images, graphs, text and various multimedia resources which can stimulate decision-makers creativity and imagination.

The GEODECI project has the support of a team of specialists in GIS remote sensing and digital processing of remote sensing data, as well as computer-assisted design (CAD) and multimedia.

For more information, contact:

PROYECTO GEODECI, Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil, Esquinas Calle 1 y 21 Urb. Corpac, San Isidro. Lima 27, PERU. Tel: (51-1) 224-0918.

Fax: (51-1) 224-3349