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Disaster mitigation workshops in Argentina and Paraguay

Three-day workshops were held in May in Argentina and Paraguay with the support of the Regional Offices of IDNDR and UN/DHA (Disaster Mitigation Branch, DHA), the UNDP, PAHO and the Civil Defense and Emergency Offices of each country. In Argentina, workshop participants included over 60 provincial officials and professionals in various disciplines related to civil defense, meteorology and health. In Paraguay, sectors such as planning, education, municipal development, environment, health and emergencies were represented. The workshops served as a forum for various sectors to meet and discuss future coordination and organization strategies.

The purpose of both workshops was to launch a discussion at the national level on the need for incorporating risk factors and natural hazards development plans. The link between natural disasters and environmental degradation, and the need for disaster preparedness and mitigation were also discussed. In both countries. round tables were held to analyze recent disasters, which in the case of Argentina included at least two caused by human action.

The methodology and didactic materials developed by the United Nations Disaster Management Training Program were used and distributed among participants.

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Regional IDNDR Office (address at the back) or the Regional UN/DHA Office. Ricardo Mena, Ecuador. Fax: (593-2) 469-810. E-mail: