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View the documentForum: Cities at risk: Environmental degradation and urban disasters
View the documentForum: South America's local governments and disaster management
View the documentParaguay: Pilot project on Asuncion's coastal fringe
View the documentInternational seminar on the role of local governments in disaster prevention and mitigation 23-25 April, 1996
View the documentGovernment of Costa Rica promotes risk reduction program for vulnerable communities
View the documentFirst south American conference on local governments and organizations confronting disasters and emergencies

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The IDNDR slogan for 1996 is "Cities at Risk", in reference to the Habitat II World Conference, held in June of this year in Istanbul, Turkey. The main reason for choosing this subject, however, is the increasing vulnerability of urban centers. The world's urban population is growing at a rapid pace. At the same time, poverty is mushrooming, and deficiencies in infrastructure maintenance, the complexity of services and economic activities, and environmental degradation conspire to increase considerably the risks posed by "natural " hazards. Most cities y Latin America and the Caribbean are exposed to one or several natural threats.

Our Special Report begins with two interesting contributions on environmental degradation, urban disasters and the role of local governments in disaster management and reduction. We hope this subject is of interest to IDNDR National Committees, and that they will provide us with information on the activities carried out in observance of International Disaster Reduction Day, which falls on 9 October.