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Aguirre G., J.A. Poverty and environmental services (ES) : invoice for tropical biodiversity and ecosystem management

Abstract;   Full text (34 Kb);    Tables: 1, 2, 3

Alderman, H., M. Babita, J. Lanjouw, P. Lanjouw, N. Makhatha, A. Mohamed, B. Özler, and O. Qaba. Is census income an adequate measure of household welfare? combining census and survey data to construct a poverty map of South Africa


Altieri, M.A. Designing a natural resource management strategy for poor farmers in marginal environments

Abstract;   Full text (62 Kb);    Table: 7

Alwang, J., and P.B. Siegel. Measuring the impacts of agricultural research on poverty reduction : improving the dialogue between policymakers and research managers


Altshul, H. The impacts of post-harvest crop research on poverty alleviation: two case studies from Northern Ghana

Abstract;   Full text (29 Kb)

Anadajayaserkeram, P. Agricultural research and poverty alleviation : lessons from Eastern and Southern Africa

Abstract;   Full text (103 Kb);    Tables: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8;   Figure: 1

Anderson, J.R. Poverty, land degradation, and rural research policy

Abstract;   Full text (51 Kb)

Angel, A. and C.F. Jaramillo. Policy reforms and the rural sector: salvador and colombia, a case of non-identical twins


Ashby, J.A. Poverty and gender : a proposal for action research

Abstract;   Full text (37 Kb)

Bantilan, M.C.S., D. Parthasarathy, and R. Padmaja. Enhancing research-poverty alleviation linkages: the ICRISAT experience


Barbier, B., Mejía, O., and Leclerc Grégoire. Labor productivity and natural resources: an assessment at the national level in Honduras


Bellon, M.R. and J. Risopoulos. Expanding the benefits: farmers’ transformation of a CIMMYT technology to suit the poor


Berdegué, J.A. Agricultural research, institutions and rural poverty alleviation

Abstract;   Full text (94 Kb)

Bigman, D., and M.E. Loevinsohn. Targeting agricultural R&D for poverty reduction : general principles and an illustration for Sub-Saharan Africa

Abstract;    Full text (68 Kb)

Byerlee, D. Targeting poverty alleviation in priority setting in national research organizations: theory and practice


Carney, D. Holistic approaches to poverty reduction: where does agricultural research fit in?

Abstract;   Full text (52 Kb)

Chandel, B.S., and P. Perrault. Agricultural research and poverty alleviation in India management issues

Abstract;   Full text (78 Kb)

Coward, W.E., M.L. Oliver, and M.E. Conroy. Building natural assets : rethinking the Centers' natural resources agenda and its links to poverty alleviation

Abstract;   Full text (41 Kb);   References (9 Kb)

Dirven, M. Rural poverties and innovation in agriculture

Abstract;   Full text (64 Kb);   Tables and Graphics (22 Kb)

Echeverri P., R.   Análisis crítico de los criterios básicos de estrategias de combate a la pobreza rural en Colombia (Critical analysis of strategic criteria of rural poverty alleviation programmes)


Edmonds, C.M. The effect of technology transfer program participation on small farms in Chile

Abstract;   Full text (47 Kb)

Ehui, S., and M. Tsigas. The role of improved livestock technologies in poverty alleviation in sub-Saharan Africa : a multi-region, economy-wide analysis

Abstract;   Full text (52 Kb);    Figure: 1

Ezemanari, K., and K. Subbarao. On the relative merits of food based production versus consumption transfers to reduce poverty and the implications for agricultural research

Abstract;   Full text (53 Kb);    Figure: 1

Ezemenari, K., K. Subbarao, and A. Rudquist. Impact evaluation : a note on concepts and methods

Abstract;   Full text (71 Kb)

Fajardo-Christen. A. Are international agricultural research and the poor well connected? : An institutional cognitive pattern approach


Falusi, A.O., and C.A. Afolami. Effect of technology change and commercialisation on income equity in Nigeria : the case of improved cassava

Abstract;   Full text (47 Kb);   Tables;   References;   Figures: 1, 2, 3

Gottret, M.V., and M. Raymond. An analysis of a cassava integrated research and development approach : has it really contributed to poverty alleviation?

Abstract;    Full text (81 Kb)

Hall, A., M.V.K. Sivamohan, N. Clark, S. Taylor, and G. Bockett. Why research partnerships really matter : innovation theory, institutional arrangements, and implication for developing new technology for the poor

Abstract;   Full text (60 Kb)

Hazell, P.B.R., S. Fan, and T. Haque. The impact of agricultural research and the poor : a review of the state of knowledge

Abstract;   Full text  (47 Kb)

Hossain, M., and C.P. Díaz. Reaching the poor with effective micro credit : evaluation of a Grameen replication in the Philippines

Abstract;   Full text (41 Kb)

Hounkonnou, D. New partnerships for poverty alleviation in Africa : learning from local dynamics

Abstract;   Full text (56 Kb)

Izquierdo, J., A. Schejtman, and F. Figuerola. Heterogeneity poverty scenarios as a factor of technology demand in Latin America and the Caribbean

Abstract;   Full text (48 Kb);    Table: 1,    Figures: 1, 2

Johnson, N.C., and J. Klass. The impact of crop improvement research on rural poverty : a spatial analysis of BGMV-resistant bean varieties in Honduras

Abstract;   Full text (64 Kb);    Maps: 1 (349 Kb)

Kalyebara, R. A comparison of factors affecting adoption of improved coffee management recommendations between small and larger farmers in Uganda

Abstract;   Full text (42 Kb)

Kirkby, R.A., S. David, and S. Kasozi. Assessing the impact of bush bean varieties poverty reduction in Sub-saharan Africa : evidence from Uganda

Abstract;    Full text (40 Kb);   Tables (17 Kb);    Figures: 1 (37), 2 (285), 3 (249)

Kirschke, D., S. Morgenroth, and C. Franke. How do human-induced factors influence soil erosion in developing countries? : the role of poverty, population pressure and agricultural intensification


Kuby, T. Innovation is a social process : what does this mean for impact assessment in agricultural research?

  Abstract;   Full text (37 Kb)

LeClerc, G., A. Nelson, and E.B. Knapp. The use of unit-level census data for research on poverty : a multiscale approach

Abstract;    Full text (81 Kb);   Figures (653 Kb)

López, R., and A. Valdés. An overview on the nature of rural poverty in Latin America


Menz, K., G. Lubulwa, and P. Lal. Poverty alleviation through agricultural research : the ACIAR experience

Abstract;    Full text (36 Kb);   Figures (270 Kb)

Ndiritu, C.G. Planning, monitoring and evaluation for enhanced institutional efficiency and effectiveness : the case of Kari.

Abstract;    Full text (41 Kb)

Neubert, D. Poverty alleviation as intervention in complex and dynamic social fields

Abstract;    Full text (53 Kb)

Oehmke, J. Is ‘Good Science’ good enough to alleviate poverty : lessons from African impact assessment studies


Otsuka, K. Role of agricultural research in poverty reduction: lessons from Asian experience


Paulet, M.R.A., and C. León. Los recursos naturales y la condición socioeconómica de la comunidad : experiencias en la Sierra del Perú.

Abstract;    Full text (66 Kb);    Tables: 1, 2-4, 5-6;   Figures: 1-4 (303 Kb)

Perali, F. The cost of children, demographic targeting and poverty : an example for Colombia

Abstract;    Full text (225 Kb)

Perlman, J. The dynamics of urban poverty in Rio de Janeiro : implications for research and policy interventions


Peters, M., P. Horne, A. Schmidt, F.J. Holmann, P.C. Kerridge, S.A. Tarawali, R. Schultze-Kraft, C.E. Lascano, P.J. Argel, W. Stür, S. Fujisaka, K.M. Müller-Sämann, and C. Wortmann. The role of forages in reducing poverty and degradation of natural resources in tropical production systems


Pomareda, C. La profundización de la pobreza y la creciente dificultad para resolverla : los hechos no revelados

Abstract;    Full text (40 Kb)

Prins, K. Conservation and Poverty Alleviation : the view and practice of the poor

Abstract;    Full text (48 Kb)

Ramos S., C. Agendas de investigación orientada : un camino que acerca la investigación a la comunidad

Abstract;    Full text (58 Kb)

Rausser, G.C., L. Simon, and H. Ameden. Negotiating public/private r&d alliances


Ravnborg, H.M. Poverty and soil management -- evidence of relationships from three Honduran watersheds


Reardon, T., and S.A. Vosti. Environment-Poverty links seen through the lens of the income and asset diversification strategies of the rural poor


Renkow, M. Poverty, productivity and production environment: a review of the evidence


Rodríguez, A. Assessing links between rural poverty and natural resource endowments


Rodríguez B., G., and M.V. Gottret. Correspondencia entre el desarrollo de tecnología para la agroindustria de la panela con el alivio de la pobreza y la protección del ambiente y los recursos naturales : el caso de la hoya del río Suárez (Colombia)

Abstract;    Full text (81 Kb)

Rozelle, S., S. Jin, C. Pray, and H.J. Carl. Commercializing agricultural research, fungible government investment, and poverty : lessons from China

Abstract;    Full text (105 Kb)

Sadoulet, E., A. de Janvry, and B. Davis. Cash transfer programs with income multipliers : PROCAMPO in Mexico


Sanint, L.R., and L. Rivas R. Tecnologías de mejoramiento de germoplasma que benefician al consumidor : los casos de ganadería vacuna y arroz en América Latina y el Caribe

Abstract;    Part 1 (147 Kb);   Part 2 (80 Kb)

Scherr, S.J. Sharpening the focus on poverty in public international agricultural research for development

Abstract;    Full text (68 Kb)

Schuh, G.E. The household : the neglected link in research and programs for poverty alleviation

Abstract;    Full text (28 Kb)

Shaxson, L. Indicating the exit : towards a holistic framework for monitoring agricultural research

Abstract;    Full text (60 Kb)

Song, Y. Formal system and farmers' system : the impact of CIMMYT maize germplasm in South-Western China

Abstract;    Full text (65 Kb)

Walker, T.S. Agricultural research and poverty : CIP’s experience in impact evaluation


Van de Fliert, E. Integrative, farmer-participatory methodology for poverty-sensitive research : sweet potato and potato integrated crop management in Southeast Asia

Abstract;    Full text (63 Kb)

Wyatt, T.J. Poverty and degradation : what is the real linkage? Evidence from Madagascar and the Sahel

Abstract;    Full text (58 Kb)


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