Yiching Song


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Institution: Wageningen Agricultural University

E-mail: Yiching.Song@alg.vlk.wau.nl


Yiching Song was born in China in 1961. She commenced her professional career in 1982, at the Academy of Agricultural Science in Guangxi, China. From 1986 till 1992, she was a lecturer and researcher in Guangxi Economic Management College. In 1993, she got her MA degree in Agricultural and Rural Development in the Institute of Social Studies in the Netherlands. Then, in September 1994, she received a PhD fellowship from CIMMYT to undertake an impact study of the CIMMYT Collaborative Maize Programme in Southwestern China which she has been involved with since 1984. Now She works in Wageningen Agricultural University dealing with a research project entitled: "Changing Seed System in China: Commercialization, Alternatives and Complementary Strategies".

Title: "’New’ seed in ‘Old’ China: Impact of CIMMYT’s collaborative program on maize breeding in Southwestern China."

Theme: 2F


An impact study of CIMMYT's maize germplasm in Southwestern China, where maize is the main staple food for the rural poor who depend basically on maize for their survival. Women composed the majority of the poor there resulting from male out-migration. The focus of the research is impact assessment through in-depth study of the maize technology adoption and adaptation among the poorer regions, especially among the women in these areas.

The paper is intended to focus on the technology’s impact on poverty reduction and some principle institutional factors that have affected the impact adversely, especially on the extreme poor and on women in marginal areas. This will be illustrated by some evidence and concrete cases found in the field.

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