Collection development and management in the digital library

Cunningham, S. J. (1996) Advances in Collection Development and Resource Management,Vol 2, pp 127-138. JAI Press.

The increasing importance of electronic media, rather than the traditional paper press, in desseminating information is changing the nature of document collections and in particular affecting the way that documents are indexed, stored, and distributed to the user community. The current subject-specific digital libraries have primarily concentrated on building a initial collections and solving technical problems in providing access to research literature. As these collections and their user bases grow, maintenance and development issues will become critical. These issues are both technical (in ensuring that hardware and software supports users needs, that user searches are processed efficiently, and that the integrity of the index is preserved in the face of the fluctuations of the Internet) and institutional (in preserving a focus in the collection that meets the needs of the library’s user community).