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Proceedings of the 13th Int. Distributed AI Workshop (Lake Quinalt, Washington) are approx. $25 from Mark Klein ( 18 papers. [dbworld, 8/3/94. Roy M. Turner.]

Brad Schick has written a Robot Battle shareware program for Windows, with an event-driven scripting language and a graphical display. A contest is planned. [SEML, 9/4/94.]

Gerry Wolff at UWales, Bangor, would like to hear from people interested in the conjecture that all reasoning and computation -- learning, information retrieval, deductive and probabilistic reasoning, execution of functions, problem solving -- may be understood as *information compression* by pattern matching, unification, and search. His group has been developing software models for several years. A summary is available by FTPing sp_summary from /pub/gerry on [,, 9/13/94. David Joslin.]

Geoffrey Hinton is collecting testbed datasets for NN comparative studies. Contact to contribute sets of 500+ cases. No time series, nominal attributes, or missing values. [connectionists, 9/19/94.]

Lutz Prechelt has compiled a similar database, Proben1, comprising 45 sets from 15 problems in 12 domains. Some of the sets have nominal attributes or missing values. Proben1 will soon be FTPable from the CMU neural-bench archive. [, connectionists, 9/19/94.]