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The Hub InterCafe (Bath, England) is owned by Robert Llewellyn -- best known as the android Kryten on the TV series Red Dwarf. The Cafe offers Macs and a high-bandwidth link for patrons, plus great coffee. To see what goes on in a cyber cafe, link to . [Charlie Dancey . Hub1 , c.i.www.announce, 6/18/95.]

The first WWW browser for the Arab-speaking world is available free from Video On Line, at . The TIBER Web Browser (from Teknema) is available in 12 languages, accepts English, Arabic, and Hindi numbers, and can handle embedded strings written in different directions. It uses MS-Windows' Multiple Document Interface for simultaneous viewing of multiple documents. [, c.i.www.misc, 6/27/95.]

A WWW server written in Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL) is available free from the MIT AI Lab, at . [Michael Travers , 7/1/95.]