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The free, refereed Electronic Journal of Functional and Logic Programming (EJFLP) will begin publication at the end of this year. Papers are solicited, by 8/31 for the first issue. Send a "Help" subject line to To subscribe, send an empty message to subscriptions or contact ejflp.op [Andreas Mueck (mueck, comp.lang.prolog., 5/18/93. Tony Kusalik.]

NL-KR Digest is now moderated by a four-member editorial board. Scholarly discussion will be encouraged, with NL-KR aiming to become a citable electronic journal. Archives have moved to and to gopher server (port 70). [Chris Welty (, NL-KR, 4/20/93.]

The quarterly journal Nanotechnology is considering dropping its rate of $215/year. Contact or if you'd like to participate in a rate survey. [sci.nanotech, 5/11/93. Bill Park.] Eric Drexler's Foresight Institute for nanotechnology can be reached at, (415) 324-2490, (415) 324-2497 Fax. Donations of $25 and up will get you their Update newsletter.

Constructions of the mind: artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the humanities; Stanford Humanities Review, Winter 1994. Send manuscripts by 9/30 to Stefano Franchi (, (415) 812-4728, (415) 812-4334 Fax. [sci.virtual-worlds, 5/20/93. Bill Park.]

Computerized tools as intermediaries in the communication of mental maps; Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture. Abstracts to Donald L. Day ( by 7/15. [CMC, 5/28/93. net-happenings.]

Advances in visual information management systems; J. of Intelligent Information Systems: Integrating AI and Database Technologies, Summer 1994. Send manuscripts to Anca Ralescu ( or Ramesh Jain by 7/1/93. [dbworld, 5/31/93.]