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CONNECTIONS is a new quarterly WWW newsletter from the IEEE Neural Networks Council, for book reviews and research trends as well as committee reports and conference listings. The current issue includes "A Virtual Reality Interface to Complex Neural Network Software Simulations" by T.P. Caudell. . [Payman Arabshahi , connectionists, 5/24/96. Bill Park.]

The Society for Neural Networks (SNN) has updated its article archive, . [Pierre van de Laar ,, 4/18/96. Ken Barker.]

Ron Sun's review of the IJCAI'95 workshop on Hybrid Connectionist-Symbolic Models can be read as . It will appear later this year in AI Magazine. [, Neuron Digest, 5/9/96.]

If your neural network must produce continuous outputs from continuous inputs, try separating the input signal into linear and nonlinear parts. Then use a shortcut connection direct to a linear output unit, passing only the nonlinear part of the signal to your nonlinear hidden units. That saves them from having to [badly] approximate a linear transmission line. Often you will need only a few hidden units. [Scott E. Fahlman ,, 5/28/96.]