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IBM's AgentBuilder toolkit (based on RAISE) is now available in alpha, at . Another alpha release -- for OS/2 and Win95 -- is their Web Browser Intelligence (WBI), . [AgentNews, 7/6/93. NewtNews.]

Adobe's "Amber" .pdf formated-page reader is an official 3.0 beta, available for Windows, Mac, and Unix from . (An OS/2 alpha version is also available.) Amber integrates with both Netscape and Internet Explorer, and can display HTML and even PDF embedded within HTML. [Network News, 6/6/96.]

Jess is a CLIPS expert system shell re-written in Java. , or for info on CLIPS. [AgentNews, 7/6/93. NewtNews.]

See also SRI International's Generic Knowledge Base Editor (GKBE), at . [AgentNews, 7/6/93. Bill Park.]

Apple has released its Game Sprockets software developer's kit (SDK), to help create advanced multimedia and Internet-based games. [iNews Summary. NewtNews, 7/9/96.]

K.J. Bricknell's "MACINTOSH C: A Hobbyist's Guide to Programming the Macintosh in C" (CodeWarrior Edition -- Version 1.0) would be a $30-$50 book, but you can get it free as a 1.5MB download from . Microsoft Word format. Another 1.3MB of demo code and executables is also available. "Really covers the nittys and the grittys of writing full-featured Mac applications. Major winnage! Get it while it's hot!" [Bill Park , 7/8/96.]