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DARPA is seeking proposals for R&D on tactical mobile robotics and related technologies for urban battlespaces. Up to $23M may be available for 10 to 23 two-year awards. SOL BAA 98-08, due 19Dec97; Dr. Eric Krotkov , DARPA/TTO, (703) 696-2204 Fax. . [CBD,, 10Nov97.]

DARPA also needs proposals for research on formal methods in support of evolutionary design of complex software. Support is needed in formalization of software components and rigorous composition checking at higher levels of abstraction. SOL BAA 98-10, due 05Jan98; Dr. D. Helen Gill , DARPA/ITO, (703) 522-7161 Fax. . [CBD,, 15Nov97.]

And DARPA needs research on hybrid biological/electronic information appliances. SOL BAA 98-11, due 07Jan98; E.D. Maynard, Jr. , DARPA/ITO, (703) 522-7161 Fax. and (UltraScale Computing). [CBD,, 15Nov97.] (For example, DNA-based computers. Or electronic computers coupled to biological sensors or actuators.)