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The Central Source Yellow Pages now list over 10M US businesses. The Commercial Sites Index has over 15K, with an average of 73 new ones each day. [Win Treese , The Internet Index #12, 1/2/96. net-hap.]

McKinley Internet Yellow Pages, 3rd ed. 1996 -- formerly New Rider's Internet Yellow Pages -- by Christine Maxwell is taken from the website information at . Coverage is chiefly of WWW sites, with other Internet resources in appendices. Star ratings are provided in 15 subject areas. 828 pp., $29.99 paper, from New Riders Publishing , , (800) 428-5331 or (317) 581-3500, (800) 882-8583 Fax. [Steve Brock , rec.arts.books, 1/15/96. David Joslin.] (For other book reviews, see the rec.arts.books archive on

The Internet Yellow Pages, 3rd ed., 1996, by Harley Hahn. 188 subject areas, including newsgroups and FTP and gopher sites. A comprehensive list of Usenet newsgroups has been dropped from this edition. 880 pp., $29.95 paper, from Osborne McGraw-Hill , (800) 227-0900, (510) 549-6603 Fax. [Steve Brock , rec.arts.books, 1/15/96. David Joslin.] (Other available books include "Internet Health, Fitness, and Medicine Yellow Pages," and "Internet Science, Research, and Technology Yellow Pages.")

CyberSearch 2.0 is a Windows CD ROM for off-line searching through the .5M-website Lycos database. $29.95 (available 3/96), with optional monthly updates and site reviews. Frontier Technologies (Palm Springs), . [WEBster, 2/6/96.]

Team America is soliciting one-line descriptions of favorite websites, to be cross indexed and provided free online and as DOS or Windows software for off-line browsing. Free copy of the software for 30 addresses. You may also submit a description of your own site. [Jim T. <>, net-hap, 1/16/96.]