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PowerCD is a new hypertext engine supporting DOS, Windows, and Mac access to one CD ROM. Scripted or interactive presentations can include formatted text, GIF images, and WAV or REDBOOK audio. Educational material can be presented in exam mode, with score keeping. ZCI Publishing will help authors develop and distribute CD ROMs. Reed Bilbray, (214) 746-5555. [Kurt Christensen (, 1/27/94.]

Silicon Graphics' FAQ about the HTML format may be read on [IRIS On-Line, sci.virtual-worlds, 1/10/94. Anandeep Pannu.]

The h hyperbook language and hc hyperbook compiler, Version 1.01, may be obtained from h is a simple markup language for making and indexing online books. hc compiles books into HTML for use on WWW. [Thomas Boutell (, comp.infosystems.www, 1/28/94.]

gf is a sophisticated SGML compiler that can translate any SGML document into ASCII or LaTeX format (which can be compiled to PostScript if you have LaTeX). You need appropriate DTD definitions for your SGML documents, of course. FTP gf from /pub/text/sgml/misc on A patch to print URLs is available from the author, Gary Houston ( [Stephane Bortzmeyer (, comp.infosystems.www, 1/29/94.]

MecklerWeb is a new service helping companies publish and advertise via WWW/Mosaic. Chris Locke is running it for Mecklermedia, and is planning additional services "coordinated by industry coalitions." [Gordon Cook (, The COOK Report, 2/29. com-priv, 1/31/94.] (Several of these service bureaus have popped up recently.)

Kodak Picture Exchange is a joint venture of 14 stock photography houses. Photo-CD technology gives you searchable, low-resolution images from which you can order commercial imagery. [Paula Parisi, Wired, 1/94. Richard Rinehart, Current Cites, 2/2/94.]