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Sun Microsystems (Mountain View) has announced formation of Sun Labs, a long-range research group to be headed by Wayne Rosing. Sun is also forming two marketing subsidiaries: Suntech Enterprises to sell Sun software and Sunsoft, Inc. (under Edward J. Zander) to be the "Microsoft" of the UNIX world. [Jon Kennedy in High Technology Careers, 4/91.]

SuperMac (Sunnyvale) is spinning off a software division with Laurie Girand as head of software development. [Wendy Woods, Newsbytes/Bay Area Computer Currents, 3/26/91.]

Pat Hayes, AAAI president-elect, has moved from Xerox PARC to the MCC Cyc project under Doug Lenat. The current Cyc effort, funded at $3.5M/year, includes 25 inference engines for drawing conclusions from a massive knowledge base. [Harvey P. Newquist III, AI Expert, 4/91.]

Futurist John Naisbitt forecasts a decade of decentralization, small companies, and telecommuting. Naisbitt's own home is in a 9,000-foot Colorado village of 1,400. [Ian Stokell, Newsbytes.]

A careful study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has exonerated video display terminals (VDTs) of any effect on pregnancies among 2,400 telephone operators. The study did not cover other suspected health risks.