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The Natural Language Software Registry is a catalog of research and commercial NLP software, including:

- speech signal processors such as the Computerized Speech Lab (Kay Electronics) - morphological analyzers such as PC-KIMMO (Summer Institute for Linguistics) - parsers, such as Alveytools (University of Edinburgh) - knowledge representation systems such as Rhet (URochester) - multicomponent systems such as ELU (ISSCO), PENMAN (ISI), Pundit (UNISYS), SNePS (SUNY Buffalo), - applications programs (misc.)

Contact Director Elizabeth Hinkelman ( for information or reviews. Send for the questionnaire form if you have NLP software, documentation, or reports to contribute. NL Software Registry, Center for Information and Language Studies, 1100 East 57th Street, Chicago, IL 60637, USA. [From NL-KR.]

The Nijmegen Corpus consists of 130,000 words of modern British English, with a full syntactic analysis of each utterance. Contact Hans van Haltern ( of the TOSCA Group, Dept. of English, U. Nijmegen, for details about the Corpus or about Nijmegen's language-independent Linguistic DataBase (LDB) software for accessing such resources.