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Siemens-Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG has decided to cut 4,000 jobs this year. [Business Week, 8/19.]

Eastman Kodak (Rochester, NY) will trim 3,000 workers, mostly from its imaging, information systems, and health groups. [SJ Mercury, 8/13.]

U.S. computer manufacturing has lost about 40,000 jobs since 1986, but software and data processing jobs have increased by 220,000 in that time. Now Andrew S. Rappaport and Shmuel Halevi (Technlogy Research Group, Boston) have published a Harvard Business Review article titled "The Computerless Computer Company." Their thesis is that the coming growth will mainly be in software. [John Verity, Business Week, 8/19.]

Microsoft has distributed more than 70,000 kits used by developers of Windows software. 2,100 programmers showed up in Seattle for the Windows 3.1 Developers Conference, three times more than were expected. [AP, SJ Mercury, 8/13.]

Gordon Eubanks, president of Symantec, agrees that software is and will be a dominant force in the industry. (Symantec's earnings are up 96% this quarter, and Microsoft is up 73%.) On the other hand, Software Publishing has announced a 6% staff cut. Steve Jobs says he's never seen so many resumes on the street -- and with unrealistic salary expectations. Michael Murphy, editor of the California Technology Stock Newsletter, says that software businesses are not big enough to fund the kind of growth that Silicon Valley is used to. [Ken Siegmann, SF Chronicle, 8/12.]

A merger has been announced between two real-time software companies, Integrated Systems Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) and Software Components Group Inc. (San Jose, CA). [SJ Mercury, 8/13.]

Laslo A. Belady has been chosen chairman and director of the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory (MERL) in Cambridge, MA. Belady was with IBM for 23 years, most recently as manager of software engineering at IBM's Japan Science Institute. He then directed software and advanced technology programs at MCC for six years. At MERL, he will be in charge of research into advanced computer architecture and software. [EE Times, 7/22.]