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Dialog Information Service (Palo Alto, CA) is expanding its CD ROM division.

Eckert Research International Corp. (Tokyo) is looking for English-speaking BS/MS/PhD engineers to work in Japan. The ten-year-old company claims to be Japan's fastest-growing independent software firm, with projects in AI, telecommunications, voice response, CASE, software testing, and many applications. Ms. Susan Rydwin, Personnel Manager, Eckert Research Laboratories, 25 West 45 Street, New York NY 10036. [James N. Gershfield (,, 8/12.]

The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) seeks a Manager of Information Technology. [John B. Black ( PACS-L, 8/7.]

The 6-year-old Spanish reincarnation of former Tibetan Lama Thubten Yeshe is in need of a primary tutor. Contact The Advertiser, P.O. Box 98650, TST, Hong Kong. [Francis Stracke (,, 8/7.]

University of York, Dept. of CS, is looking for a 21-month research associate in connectionist scene interpretation. Contact Dr. Edwin Hancock (, 0904 43 3374, by 8/16/91. [Neuron Digest, 8/12.]

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) seeks someone as professor and head of the Department of Computer Science. Call +61-3-660-4600. [Michelle L.J. Rasing (,, 8/12.]

Bull-HN (Billerica, MA) has three PhD research positions in software engineering of distributed databases. Contact Prof. Gerard Memmi ( [Pierre Jouvelot (,, 8/13.]

Communications Intelligence Corp. (CIC) wants an experienced pattern-recognition researcher to work on handwriting recognition. Contact Dr. John Ostrem, (415) 859-4273, or Mike Cohen (mcohen [Victor S. Abrash (,, 8/13.]