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"TOMORROW'S PROFESSOR: Preparing for Academic Careers in Science and Engineering" is a new IEEE book by Richard M. Reis of Stanford University, for graduate students and beyond. It describes the North American academic enterprise and offers strategies for preparation, job seeking (while maintaining government/industry options), negotiation, and lifestyle. Over 80 vignettes and personal stories. Softcover, 400 pp., May97; $39.95 (or $35 for members); IEEE Order No. PP5602-QCL, ; ISBN 0-7803-1136-1. . [,, 29Sep97.]

Dr. Dobbs' recent special issue about software development careers is available online at . [Yonat Sharon ,, 30Sep97.]

Although 42% of North American businesses in one study now support telecommuting, only 7% of their employees were doing it -- and that figure has held steady for four years. 20% of telecommuting arrangements fail, due to unrealistic expectations by employees or fear of lost control. For many people, working at home is "just another stress producer." [Tampa Tribune, 15Sep97. NewtNews.]