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NSF (Arlington): program directors in mathematical sciences.

UConnecticut (Storrs): CSE department head.

UCLA: profs in CE, OS, multimedia, distributed systems, etc.

Boeing Helicopters (Philadelphia): US MS/PhD AI technologist in NLP.

Empirical Media (Pittsburgh): research programmer in IR, ML for intelligent Web agents.

Motorola (Schaumburg, IL): graduate intern in ML, NN for speech synthesis.

IBM (San Jose): jr/sr analysts in ML, NN, pattern recognition for data mining.

Junglee (Sunnyvale): R&D in NLP, ML, IR, data mining, DB for Internet.

Intelligent Inference Systems (Sunnyvale): GRA and RA in FL, NN.

Teknowledge (Palo Alto): US sr. SE in data modeling, DB, KBS.

Jet Propulsion Lab (Pasadena): postdoc in NN, FL for sensor fusion.

Brock U. (Ontario): prof in AI, HCI, etc.

UBristol (UK): four profs in ML, AI, multimedia.

GMD (Germany): two MS/PhD scientists in ML, data mining.

Austrian Research Inst. for AI (Vienna): PhD in recurrent NN for economic modeling. (05Mar97 deadline.)

Nijmegen U. (Netherlands): computer scientist for music cognition research.