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Boston: SEs in Web-based IR, agent-based systems.

Cross Creek Systems (Waltham, MA): BS sr. SE in voice recognition.

Brown U. (Providence, RI): prof in DB, SE, etc.

Robert Morris College (Pittsburgh, PA): CIS profs.

Central NJ: Java/C++/CLIPS programmer.

UMaryland/Dept. of Computer and Mathematical Sciences (College Park): assistant dean.

Research Triangle Park, NC: BS SW/HW guru in data warehousing/mining, AI.

Austin, TX: consultant in AI, computational logic, constraint satisfaction.

Austin, TX: BS/MS programmer in AI, CML/Prolog.

Seattle, WA: BS programmer for games AI.

SF Bay Area Startup: lead SE in games AI.

Cupertino, CA: sr. SE in RBS, DB.

Los Gatos, CA: MS R&D engineers in document recognition, OCR, NLP.

CA: Prolog developers for DB, KR.

ULiverpool (UK): RA in text handling and corpus creation.

IDSIA (Switzerland): PhD studentships in ML, NN, computational fluid dynamics.

National U. of Singapore: fellows in DB, high-dimensional indexing and data searching.