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A new edition of the Simtel-20 CD ROM is available from Robert A. Bruce ( There's about 660MB of DOS shareware and public-domain software in the ISO-9660 CD ROM. $25 plus $5 S&H (and sales tax in CA), or free if you've contributed to the Simtel archive. You can FTP the index and readme files from /cdrom/cdroms/simtel on Simtel's Windows3 directory wouldn't fit, so buy Bob's $25 CICA CD ROM (from Indiana University) if that's what you need. Other archives for $25-$69 include GIFs, OS/2, Mac, NeXT, Usenet source code, X11R5, C, and Libris Britannia. FTP a catalog from /cdrom/catalog or contact Walnut Creek CDROM (, (800) 786-9907, (510) 674-0783, (510) 674-0821 Fax. [comp.newprod, 5/24/93.]

"The Catalog of Personal Computing Tools for Engineers and Scientists" lists hardware cards and software packages for IBM/clone PCs. You can get a free copy from (US only?) [Bob Cowles (, Chaos Corner, 2/27/93.]

GLE is a high-quality graphics package for scientists, including utilities for diagrams, graphs, hidden-line surface plots, and contour plots. It runs on PCs, VAXen, and Unix with drivers for X windows, REGIS, TEK4010, PC graphics cards, VT100s, HP plotters, PostScript printers, Epson-compatible printers and Laserjet/Paintjet printers. A mailing list and file archive have been created. Send a "sub glelist your name" message to Dean Pentcheff (dean2, (803) 777-8998. [sci.research, 4/12/93.]

There was a lengthy review of Mathcad in the 12/92 CACM. Symbolic/numeric experimentation can help explain wavelet theory, image filters, or neural-network squashing functions. J.M. Jagadeesh says that the $395 Mathcad 3.1 for Windows has a superb user interface and adequate symbolic processing capabilities, but is not as powerful as Maple. Future reviews may cover Axiom, Derive, Macsyma, Mathematica, and Theorist. [The Mac version lists for $495, but the company keeps sending me "non-transferable" discount offers of any Mathcad version for just $88.95, including S&H. (800) 289-5075.]

Wolfram Research, Inc., says that its new Mathematica 2.2 includes over 2,000 enhancements. For more info, send a "get math1 wolfram capnews" message to listserv@bitnic.bitnet. [EDUPAGE, 4/15/93.]

Users of the S statistical package may want a 1D/2D wavelet transform and thresholding package. FTP wavelet.shar.Z and README.Z from /pub/masgpn on You can also FTP it as file wavethresh in the S directory on (login "statlib"). [, aus.stats.s, 4/22/93.] Another S package performs rapid linear, polynomial, and nonparametric discriminant analysis. Post a "send fda from S" message to or FTP file fda from S on (login "statlib"). [Trevor Hastie (trevor, aus.stats.s, 4/23/93.]

SPC EXpert (Statistical Process Control EXpert) software is available free to US government users and world-wide academic users from Quality Software Designs Inc. (Kettering, OH). Once you have SPC Expert, you are free to carry it to commercial installations. Charts include Run, Moving Range, R, S, XBarR, XBarS, XMR, PN, P, C, U, Bar Graph, Pareto Diagram, Pie Chart, Histogram, Frequency Polygon, Ogive (CDF), and Scatter Diagram. It runs on DOS PCs with 2MB of disk space, and can be used by multiple simultaneous users over Novell and Banyon LANs. FTP spcex.exe from software/misc on or SPCEX.EXE from tdcpub/spc on (Use binary FTP, of course.) MountainNet Inc. (Morgantown, WV) will send you a free (NASA-paid) copy if you fill out a form; (800) 444-1458 or (304) 594-9075. Windows and Mac versions will be out in a year or two. Mark Shewhart (, (513) 299-3023, (513) 865-6800 x4717. [PACS-L, 5/5 and 5/14/93.]