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WinNews, the Microsoft WinNews Electronic Newsletter, has over 56K readers at the start of its second year. [Alec Saunders , net-hap, 1/18/95.]

Digital Future Newsletter is a weekly online newsletter about converging information technologies: DTP, radio, satellite TV, advertising, etc. Ask for a sample issue from John Hart . [, epub, 1/25/95.]

cc:Browser is a new Internet newsmagazine about the computer and communications industries: product reviews, company profiles, technologies, management, etc. . [Michael DuFord , c.i.www.announce, 3/15/95.] (The net, like the communications industry, is good at recursively reporting on itself.)

The San Jose Mercury News (SJM) offers its complete Silicon Valley news and editorial text on Mercury Center, . Also searchable classifieds and business files, plus links to other web sites. News photographs and headlines are updated throughout the day. NewsHound, an inexpensive clipping/retrieval service, is also available. [Barry Parr , c.i.www.announce, 1/20/95. Chuck Morefield.]

The J. of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) now has an experimental WWW form system so that readers can write comments on articles. Connect to and you can read and comment on the articles in Vol. 2. Send any meta-comments to and cc to Peter Turney . [Steve Minton ,, 3/14/95.]

National Computer Tectonics is a computer magazine for small business and home office users. See for 400 pages of desktop publishing, CAD, multimedia, fax technology, small networks, financial and accounting software, office suites, PIMs, storage technology, printers, scanners, and book and CD-ROM reviews. Register to win one of ProCD's ProPHONE phonebooks on CD ROM. [Bruce Morris , net-hap, 3/12/95.]

MELVIN is a biweekly humor/satire magazine from Champaign, IL. Use a graphical browser to reach . [Sheri Steffes , 3/3/95. net-hap.]

The NEWJOUR list for Internet e-journal announcements has a new WAIS-searchable archive for 250 past listings. Gopher to or . For announcements, send a "subscribe newjour" message to . [Ann Okerson . , net-hap, 3/15/95.]

"Inside the PTO" is a biweekly newsletter for intellectual property professionals. See three issues at -- or 800-456-7248 -- and get a $125 discount. [Paul Albert ,, 3/15/95.] (These professional newsletters don't come cheap. :-)