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The Keyword Thesaurus that cross-references areas of interest for U.S. Government research opportunities was updated last year (with support from NSF, NIH, and DOE). Your library can obtain a copy from NTIS ((703) 487-4650), or for $25 from Rodman & Associates, Inc., 5001 Infomart, 1950 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207. An ASCII disk is also available for $100.

Ted Pedersen ( has been looking for "A Japanese View of Machine Translation in Light of the Considerations and Recommendations Reported by ALPAC, USA," Japan Electronic Industry Development Association (JEIDA), Tokyo, July 1989. Sounds interesting. [NL-KR.]

Walt Hultgren ( has announced an electronic mailing list for the discussion of Informix software (C-ISAM, WingZ) and related third-party products. The list will optionally echo Informix-related articles posted to Usenet's comp.databases. [IRList.]