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Associated Western Universities offers fellowships to science, math, technology, and engineering faculty, graduates, and undergraduates -- including computer scientists -- for hands-on experience at federal laboratories, industry, and other cooperating facilities. Apply by 22Feb00 (for summer), 20Mar00 (fall), or 20Oct00 (spring) for optimum consideration. You do not need to be enrolled at an AWU member institution. . [ScienceWise Alert, 04Feb00.] will be giving away $10K/day in college scholarships to US citizens who visit their financial-aid website. Applicants must give some demographic data. [AP. St. Petersburg Times, 03Feb00. NewsScan.]

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) of the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities offers a research-and-demonstration National Leadership Grant for Libraries as well as education and training grants. The $10M in awards cover leading-edge activities in library and information science, to build digital library resources and promote cooperation between libraries and museums. See the report at . . [ScienceWise Alert, 28Jan00.]

Nominations and references for AAAI Fellows are due 15Feb00. . AAAI is also accepting nominations for its Classic Paper Award (1982), Distinguished Service Award, and Effective Expository Writing Award, through 15Mar00. or . [Carol Hamilton , 01Feb00.]

ScienceWise Alert is again free through 31May00 (and then $178/year) if you register by 18Feb00. It sends email announcements of research and education funding opportunities that match topic areas you select. They enter my name in a drawing if you click on to register. [07Feb00.]

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