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New format: For the full announcement texts, members and trial subscribers may write to me for the Computists' Career Jobs (CCJ) distribution or for individual CCJ digests. (Group members may receive CCJ unless the purchaser requests otherwise.) We also have a weekly Applied Jobs (APJ) digest that is available to anyone. Computists who are unemployed or subscribing to APJ will be sent CCJ by default.

Kent State (OH): chairperson for Mathematics and CS.

Stanford/CS: assistant professor in NL, HCI, theory, or software systems.

UCentral Florida (Orlando): two tenure-track assistant professors in AI (NLU, knowledge acquisition, and cognitive modeling), DB, architecture, systems, etc.

Indiana University-Bloomington: CogSci and CS opening in NN modeling, logic, reasoning, representation, language and discourse, robotics, computational vision and speech, machine learning, HCI, or other area.

North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro): DBMS, object-oriented software engineering, and AI.

UMissouri-Rolla: assistant professor in distributed files and databases and software engineering for scientific computing, intelligent systems, etc.

JPL's AI Group and Machine Learning Systems Group (Pasadena): BS/MS/PhD programmers and scientists in planning/scheduling, intelligent systems monitoring/diagnosis, machine learning/data mining, and pattern recognition/image understanding.

[Lockheed Martin]: programmers and data analysts to develop data mining software for scientific databases. Machine learning, statistics, SAS, deductive DB, visualization, Prolog, RDBMS.

BHASHA (Wayne, PA): Prolog/Lisp software engineers with experience in NLP, AI, IR, text processing, compiler development, or RDB.

EuroSoft Inc. (Austin, TX): PhD NLP/AI R&D programmer.

Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, Inc. (Waltham, MA): PhD computational linguist to develop feature-structure task grammars for verbal control of Windows software. "Systems must fail in comprehensible ways."

An OH company: experienced BS/MS HW/SW engineer to develop IR/UV/magnetic NN/fuzzy logic classifiers for currency.

ULondon's Royal Holloway: a CS lecturer, especially in probabilistic inference, computational learning, formal methods, or information security.

UStrathclyde (Glasgow): researchers with experience in vehicle routing, search techniques, constraint satisfaction, and Ilog Solver.

Universitat des Saarlandes at Saarbrucken, Programming Systems Lab: 1/96 openings for a researcher in constraint grammars and another to work on the Oz concurrent constraint language.