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Friendly Machines claims to be selling the first "systematic and automatic" lawn mower, and is developing an autonomous vacuum cleaner, floor polishers, and a golf cart that follows you around. . [Bill Park , 28Jun98.] (The lawn mower learns the shape of your lawn, as opposed to others that wander at random or sense buried wires.)

Artificial Intelligence in NDT is a new discussion list about AI for nondestructive materials testing, including knowledge-based systems, soft computing, visualization, and robotics. Subscribe via . [C. Rajagopalan . ,, 29Jun98. David Joslin.]

Want to interface PCs to motors, temperature sensors, infrared sensors, etc.? See for tutorials. [Paul Oh , comp.robotics.misc, 01Jul98.]

Control Engineering Online is a magazine for process control engineers. . [, newjour, 18Dec97.]

IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI) covers computer vision, AI, knowledge representation, and machine learning. . [Rangachar Kasturi , newjour, 29Aug97.]

Neural Network World is a bimonthly hardcopy journal about neurocomputing, from Prague. $120 in the US and Canada, from , (208) 529-0381 fax. [Frank Starman , 08Sep97.]

Mathematics and engineering: (Ed. by Jason Westmacott.)

The Virtual Museum of Computing offers hyperlinks and exhibits about the history of computing. . [Amnon Till , net-hap, 25Feb98.]

"Computers: From the Past to the Present" is a well-presented history of computing. . [, BESTWEB, 26Feb98.]

Good math sites include Mega-Maths at and Math HomeWork (with LiveAudio) at . [Arun Kumar Tripathi , 10Oct97.]

Dave's Math Tables offers lots of math tables on one site, plus math chat help. . [Amnon Till , net-hap, 19Oct97.]

Math Search Engine indexes more than 140K documents on mathematics and statistics. . [Cecilia Franco White , 24Feb98.]

CS Catalyst is a Web journal about computer-aided chemistry. for the e-version. [13Jul98.]

The J. of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences is now online at . [George W.A. Milne , newjour, 24Sept97.]

The J. of Computers and Geosciences is devoted to all aspects of computing in the geosciences. Full access free through 1998. . [, newjour, 09Feb98.]

The Xerox Disclosure Journal (XDJ) is a bimonthly in-house publication by Xerox Corp. for patent and intellectual property purposes. . [, newjour, 15Dec97.]

Freak Technology Update is a free e-magazine about revolutionary new inventions, discoveries, and technologies. Subscribe at or write to or . [Knud Soerensen , NEW-LIST, 12Feb98.]

Philosophy journals: (Ed. by Steve Berglie.)

Tekhnema is an e-journal -- from the print journal of the same title -- about relations between philosophy and technology. or . [, newjour, 21Oct97.]

HYLE is a journal for the philosophy of chemistry, including epistemological, methodological, foundational, and ontological problems. English and German. . [, newjour, 21Oct97.]

E-LOGOS is a Czech-language e-journal about epistemology, history of philosophy, logic, and the philosophies of language, mind, and science. Send a "subscribe your name" message to . . [Karel Pstruzina , newjour, 21Oct97.]

HOST is an e-bulletin of research notes for the history and philosophy of science and technology. Contact the editor, Julian Smith . [newjour, 21Oct97.]

MIT Media Lab (Cambridge, MA): researcher in HCI, smart systems, DSP, wearable computing.

Brown U. (Providence, RI): prof in AI, ML, robotics, IR, automated decision making.

Georgia State U. (Atlanta): assistant profs in AI, HCI, SE.

Texas Tech (Lubbock): prof in intelligent systems, DB, SE.

SKE (Houston, TX): US MS/PhD scientist in AI, robotics, NN.

UUtah (Salt Lake City): profs in AI, DB, visualization, etc.

Synergia LLC (Redwood City, CA): sr. research scientist for organizational simulation tools.

NASA AMES (Moffett Field, CA): PhD researcher in ML, inference, multi-agent systems.

Los Gatos, CA: MS R&D engineers in document recognition, OCR, NLP.

UToronto (Canada): profs in HCI, NLP, NN.

BT Research Laboratories (Martlesham Heath, UK): researchers in agent systems, ontology/knowledge management.

UMIST (Manchester, UK): researcher in automated reasoning, inference.

UEast Anglia/Lanner Group (Redditch, UK): two RAs in data mining, AI, OR, evolutionary optimization.

UTuebingen (Germany): EU computational linguist in automated language acquisition.

DFKI GmbH (Saarbruecken, Germany): BS-PhD researcher in intelligent user interfaces, HCI, autonomous agents, VR.

GMD (St. Augustin, Germany): postdoc in underwater robotics. (*)

GMD (Germany): postdoc in ML and planning for mobile robotics.

Xerox (Grenoble, France): EU pre/postdoc researcher in ML, NLP.

Academia Sinica (Taiwan): postdoc and RA in Internet agents, data mining.

U. La Reunion (Indian Ocean): postdoc in ML for RoboCup agent coordination.

* captain's cool job of the week. (Selected by Brian "captain" Murfin.)

The Human Phoneme Project is dedicated to free distribution of scientific speech data to all researchers and developers. Contributions of money and effort are solicited to obtain child and adult speech data from the Linguistic Data Consortium and others, to collect additional data, to annotate the data and benchmark the effectiveness of commercial recognition software, and to lobby for educational fair use copyright exemptions for Internet-based distance learning classrooms. Contact James P. Salsman, Bovik Research Inst., 121 Laurie Meadows Dr. # 457, San Mateo, CA 94403-5206. [comp.speech.research, 22Jul98. Al Aab .]

The US Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) Acquisition Center (Alexandria, VA) wants to acquire a mobile robot with surveillance capabilities -- or Mobile Detection Assessment Response System-Interior (MDARS-I) -- for protecting warehouses and storage sites. Richard S. Sturgis , (703) 325-6068; . [CBD, 24Jul98.]

The Honeywell Technology Center Automated Reasoning Group would welcome a chance to talk with job applicants this week at the AAAI conference in Madison, WI. The group works in scheduling, planning, reactive systems, verification, uncertain reasoning, agent-based systems, and data mining. Contact Robert Goldman, David Musliner, Mark Boddy, or John Beane at or (612) 951-7334. [22Jul98.]

Michael Fehling is seeking an MS/PhD senior research computer scientist for his Synergia LLC (Redwood City, CA), to develop tools for simulation-based modeling and analysis of organizational practices. Synergia is a consulting/technology company in organizational analysis/design and facilitation of decision making and collaborative work. It's clients are in high-technology products, health care, management consulting, community development, and disaster relief. See CCJ 8.23 for the full ad. [, 23Jul98.]

Marcus Zillman has posted papers to his BotSpot website about the VIRT "universal programming language," with applications in theorem proving and simulation of dynamic data structures. . [, 24Jul98.]

Harlequin (Cambridge, MA) -- with one of our group memberships -- has released the Harlequin Dylan object-oriented programming language and development environment in a $249 Windows professional edition a free personal edition. An enterprise edition is also planned, with links to CORBA and distributed computing technologies. Dylan was developed by Apple Computer, Harlequin, and others over eight years, and is a small, elegant, compiled language said to extend the benefits of Smalltalk, C++, and Java. Features include memory management, multiple inheritance, multimethods, a powerful module system, late binding of types, and selective sealing. . See CRS 8.23 for the full announcement. [Business Wire, 08Jul98. Bill Park.] (Bill says this is the language that *should* have been used to implement the Newton OS.)

-- Ken