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Market success requires "demand, timing, pricing, workability, and, only then, technology." The personal-communicator industry is suffering setbacks, including cancelation of AT&T's "Dawn" project. [Norris Parker Smith, HPCwire, 2/3/94.]

Macweek (2/14) says that Apple will be shipping a new MessagePad next month. (Prices on the original have dropped as low as $565.) The big change is that you can defer handwriting recognition, storing "ink" until you have time to parse your notes and correct Newton's errors. (Uncorrected errors ruin the recognition training.) It may also have 1M RAM, one PCMCIA slot, larger batteries, and a flip-top cover. [Cesar Maiorino (, npc, 2/15/94. Bill Park (] (Bill says Apple is training many new hires as Newthackers, and other companies may be looking for contractors to write Newton code.)

Authors and publishers have begun distributing book text for the Newton MessagePad's built-in "Copperfield" bookreader. (It's a small display window, but usable if the publisher uses a good font.) To format the text, you need the $850 Newton Toolkit. Jon Conradt ( has the Toolkit, and will compile texts for $10 each. [comp.sys.newton.programmer. Bill Park, 1/29/94.]

Intelligent Newton Magazine is $19.95 for 6 issues/year, or $29.95 outside the US. Color, 33 pp., articles, user-oriented reviews, rumors, shareware, ads. (One rumor in the Defying Gravity book is that Apple unilaterally reduced its payments to the Russians at Paragraph because the handwriting recognition was poor enough to need an extra instructional video.) IN Magazine, 50 Osgood Place, Suite 330, San Francisco, CA 94133. The editor is at, (415) 433-2755, (415) 362-2811 Fax. [, comp.sys.newton.misc, 1/21/94. Bill Park.]

Articles on Newton programming are available from Mike Engber, for private use. RTF format. FTP pub/engber/newt/articles from [, comp.sys.newton.programmer, 12/16/93.]

Paul Ramsey (of Makitso Software) reports from Apple's Newton developers' conference that Apple's StarCore publishing division will help you market and distribute your Newton software, possibly even paying for development and then handling manufacturing, packaging, and support. However, they don't want you selling through other channels, or porting to other PDAs, and they want first refusal on your future products. Any royalties are paid quarterly. [, comp.sys.newton.programmer, 12/13/93. Bill Park.]