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A demo of the Microsoft FrontPage 1.1 design tool for websites is available free through the end of 5/96. . [Network News, 5/25/96.]

If you're running Mac System 7.5 in the US, you can get a free CD ROM upgrade to 7.5.3 by calling (800) 293-6617 x984 or (408) 987-7000 before the end of 5/96. Tony Lindsey says it's a solid implementation, "something Apple did right." If you don't have a PowerMac, though, there's no pressing reason to upgrade from System 7.1. [, Mac*Chat, 5/10/96.] (This is the same as System 7.5 Update 2.0, which I believe you can download over the net.)

You can find special deals and free trials on the net by using any of the major search engines. Last night I found a limited-time trial offer of Graphics Tools! for the Mac, via a "free jpeg viewer" search on Infoseek. The standard price is more like $99. (The company did ask for my name and address so they could mail me add-on offers.)

-- Ken