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Neurocomputing journal maintains a calendar of announcements of conferences, workshops, and other events in NN, computer vision, and speech, at . More than 200 events are listed, with more added daily. (Additional events are welcome.) Georg Thimm , ++41 27 721 77 39 (Fax: 12). [, 24Feb98. David Joslin.]

S-news is the discussion group for the S and S-plus programming and statistics systems (including job announcements). Send a "subscribe s-news" or "subscribe s-news-digest" message to . . [Phil Miller , NEW-LIST, 04Feb98.]

ICCT Technologies Inc has released FuzzyC++, a design tool and compiler for fuzzy logic systems. . [IDSS, 24Dec97. Bill Park.]

You can join the list for users of the CLIPS expert system shell -- and Fuzzy CLIPS as well? -- by sending a "subscribe clips-list your name" message to . There is a lot of documentation available for CLIPS, but it takes some effort to learn to use the system. [Meinolf Asshoff ,, 16Sep97.]

VISUALISATION-TOOLS is a new UK list about visualization software in teaching and research. Send a "join visualisation-tools your name" message to . . [new-lists, 02Mar98.]

-- Ken