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iGuide Net Reviews -- formerly inSites -- reviews over 25K websites. . [, net-hap, 5/9/96.]

For links to cooking/food sites via major search engines, see . [, net-hap, 8/30/96.]

The Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library (EEVL) is a gateway to over 1,300 engineering resources, esp. those in the UK. or . [Roddy MacLeod , c.i.www.announce, 9/17/96.]

Other eLib projects include biz/ed for business education on the Internet ; OMNI, the Organizing Medical Networked Information, ; and SOSIG, the Social Science Information Gateway, . See the eLib HomePage at . [Scout Report, 9/20/96.]

Research resources for graduate students -- scholarly reference sources, search engines, methodology tutorials, etc. -- have been compiled on . [Robert S. Butters , net-hap, 11/19/96.]