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Penn State (University Park): CS&E department head.

Yale U. (New Haven, CT): profs. in HCI, databases, visualization, digital libraries, computational biology, etc.

Brandeis U. (Waltham, MA): prof. in HCI, distributed systems, databases, visualization, etc.

Kent State U. (Kent, OH): profs. in distributed DB/OS, visualization, etc.

UFlorida (Gainesville): profs in data mining, distributed DB, heterogeneous IS, etc.

UCentral Florida (Orlando): prof. in NLP, IR, learning systems, etc.

UTexas Pan Am. (Edinburg): prof. in AI, IR, OOP, interactive systems.

Northwestern U. (Evanston, IL): profs. in HCI, distributed systems, hypermedia DB, VR, etc.

Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta): profs. in interdisciplinary research.

MITRE (Reston, VA): technical manager in IR, NLP, HCI, KBS, digital libraries, DB systems.

Charles River Analytics (Cambridge, MA): research engineer in AI, agents, HCI, cognitive engineering.

MA: quantitative analyst in data mining, NN, FL.

Daptyx, Inc. (Cupertino, CA): lead SE in adaptive technology, AI, ML, IR.

US Dept. of Agriculture (Grand Forks, ND) : postdoc RA in FL, NN, chaos, cog.sci for nutrition analysis.

UCambridge/Isaac Newton Institute (UK): 6-month fellowship in NN, ML.

Hampshire, UK: sr. SE in neural computing, speech recognition.

Robert Gordon U. (Aberdeen, Scotland): RA/GRA research in IR. (12/20/96 deadline.)

Ecole des Mines de Nantes (France): researcher in motion-control, animation and VR.

UUlm (Germany): RA in KR for autonomous vehicles.

Ubilab (Zurich, Switzerland): researcher in IS, DB, IR, KB, distributed systems.

Griffithe U. (Brisbane, Australia): postdoc in constraint DBs.