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Bob Krovetz is completing his UMass Amherst dissertation research in word sense disambiguation for large text databases. He found that combining several sources of evidence improves the performance of information retrieval systems. Now Bob is seeking a faculty position, especially in the Northeast, or a research position in information retrieval or machine translation. (Incidentally, he enjoys jazz, science fiction, hiking, bridge, and travel.) Contact with any leads.

N. Hari Narayanan ( has joined us. He has been at Hitachi's Advanced Research Lab since getting a CS PhD from Ohio State. (Earlier training was in EE.) Hari is into qualitative and model-based reasoning, especially visual or diagrammatic reasoning. "There is a revival of interest, more than 10 years after Brian Funt did a dissertation on diagrammatic representation and reasoning." He also likes hiking Japan, cycling, and sumo wrestling -- as a spectator, I presume. Hari's postdoc appointment ends in December, and he is looking for a US job. Please help him out if you can.