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You can find info about Robot Wars (including two 1998 BBC programs), BattleBots, Survival Research Laboratories, SEEMEN robotic/kinetic art, Machinus/Artifacts of Mass Distraction, etc., at . [Bill Park , 15Jan00.] (Apparently the Robot Wars program is one of the most popular on British TV. Stations in the US are starting to take an interest.)

The Logo Foundation is a nonprofit organization supporting use of Logo-based software and learning environments. . [Amnon Till , net-hap, 20Sep99.]

Robotics and helicopters is the subject of Mike Fouche's website at . [,, 14Dec99.]

Personal Robotics News is of interest to those building their own robots. You can read current and back issues at ("Mailing List"), or sign up for a free subscription. You can also get free plans for the FirstBOT Mobile Robot at , or a kit at . [Don Roy ,, 07Feb00.]

A new adaptive robotics website offers paper reviews, conference reports, links, and tutorials at . [Bill Park , 28Jan00.]

Getting robots to work together is difficult. You can see pictures and videos of robot swarms and work groups from last year's Khepera Workshop, at . [Francesco Mondada , sci.nanotech, 09Feb00. Bill Park.]

-- Ken