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Taylor II: discrete event simulation package.

FLEXICA: PC-based cellular automaton environment.

GAOT: Matlab genetic algorithm software.

BuildSim 2.0 beta: development environment for simulation and control systems.

Code Navigator for C++ v.1.1: visual code editor/browser/generator for Windows 95/NT.

ReVol Aurora 2.1: Java applets and wizard tool for Windows 95/NT.

Ptolemy 0.7 (with Tycho 0.2): design/simulation environment for DSP and communications.

Image Processing Toolbox 2.0: new MATLAB 5 processing and analysis tools.

GIFation 2.0: Web animation tool for Macintosh.

WebSQL prototype: Java class library for Web navigation and search.

Information Retrieval Systems: book by Gerald Kowalski (of the CIA).

"POWER-3D: High Speed 3D Graphics in Windows 95/NT": book and CD ROM by Kyle Lussier.

"Musical Networks: Parallel Distributed Perception and Performance": book ed. by Griffith and Todd.