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Three preliminary draft Unicode Technical Reports are available from Unicode, Inc. (Mountain View). These include recommendations for Burmese, Mongolian, and two dozen other scripts. Contact Stephen Greenfield ( or, (415) 961-4189, (415) 966-1637 Fax. ASCII text can be FTP'd from pub/TechReports on Hardcopy is $7 each plus $5-$6 postage. [Glenn Adams (, LINGUIST, 3/16/93.] Tables and documents for Unicode (ISO/IEC 10646 UCS2) can be FTP'd from [Glenn A. Adams (, comp.std.internat, 4/10/93.]

Philip Payne's Linguist's Software, Inc. (Edmonds, WA) has Mac/Windows fonts for 242 languages at $50-$150 each. His family operation sold $610K in fonts and software last year. [Michael Schuman, Forbes, 11/23/93, p. 162.]

You can FTP TrueType fonts from pub/pc/win3/fonts/truetype on Some of the names are GoodBadUgly, Barcode, Hebrew, and Mapmaker. [Chaos Corner, 11/24/92.]

The emTeX text-formatting program for PCs can be found in six subdirectories of /soft/tex/systems/pc/emtex on ftp.uni-; in /pub/archive/systems/pc/emtex on; or in [FILESERV.EMTEX] on An enhanced 386 version is in the betatest directories, and there are OS/2, Windows, and Unix versions. [George D. Greenwade (, 1/28/93.]