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Adrian Stoica ( is at Victoria University of Technology (Melbourne), EEE Dept., doing PhD research in neuro-fuzzy models for robot learning. He's been studying fuzzy processing since 1988, while employed in development and programming of microprocessor-based systems. He was born in Iasi, Romania; received his Diplomat Engineer in EE from the Polytechnic Institute of Iasi (1986); and was an associate lecturer at the Institute.

Thang Cao Nguyen ( is pursuing thesis research in machine learning (including genetic algorithms) for object recognition in computer vision. He'd like to hear from others working in this field, or with leads to such research. When he finds time, Thang also likes to work with RC model airplanes and with electronics.

Robert Maas ( has significantly updated his MaasInfo.TopIndex guide to Internet/Bitnet/Usenet indexes, lists, catalogs, bibliographies, and services. FTP files from maasinfo on MAASINFO.DESCRIPTION is an annotated directory; MAASINFO_FOR_FTP.TOPINDEX and MAASINFO.DOCINDEX are the information files. You can also retrieve them with SENDME commands to Any problems should be reported to George Greenwade ( Overseas archives will be available soon. [CARR-L, 4/7/93.] (Robert is available for work in the SF Bay area or for consulting over the net. He has 20 years of programming experience, with special interests in mathematics, cryptography, and user-level information access. He also enjoys technical writing.)

-- Ken