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The Smithsonian will host a series of public lectures on intelligent systems, Wednesdays at 8pm to 9:30pm, 4/21 through 6/9, on the Mall in DC. Speakers include Lotfi Zadeh, Thomas Saaty, Bernardo Huberman, Rodney Brooks, and Marc Jeannerod. Register at (202) 357-3030, or contact Paul Kainen ( [connectionists, 4/13/93.]

Spectrum is a new radio program covering telecommunications technology. It will air Sundays beginning 5/2 at 0335 UTC via WWCR Nashville (7435 Khz) and the Let's Talk Radio Network (Spacenet3 Transponder 21, 5.8 MHz Sub carrier Wide Band Audio). Dave Marthouse ( [Scott R. Weis (, comp.dcom.telecom, 4/2/93. CARR-L.]

Information? Cable viewers in Columbia, SC, protested when a spare channel was upgraded from a pet-store aquarium scene to a science fiction channel. The cable company will now show 12 hours per day of fresh and saltwater tanks (with background music). [BW, 4/5/93, p. 32.] The channels are especially popular at feeding time.