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SUNY-Buffalo's Center Of Excellence for Document Analysis and Recognition (CEDAR) is publishing CEDAR CDROM 1, a USPS database of handwritten cities, states, ZIP codes, digits, and characters (at 300 dpi). 10% of the data is designated as a test set. ISO 9660. Jonathan J. Hull (, (716) 645-6164 x109, (716) 645-6176 Fax. [, 4/7/93.]

The Economic Bulletin Board (EBB) is available through ULibrary, UMichigan Library's gopher system. EBB contains over 700 files in 19 file areas, including current trade and economic information. Another good source is Economic Time Series data from UMaryland. FTP files and documentation from /info/EconData/Instructions on [Abbie Basile (, NETTRAIN, 11/4/92.]

The National Trade DataBank (NTDB) is available on CD-ROM from the US Dept. of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Admin., Office of Business Analysis, Room 4885, HCHB, Washington, DC 20230. Monthly updates are $35, or $360/year. NTDB includes detailed U.S. trade statistics, 4,000 market research reports, Business America magazine, the World Factbook, Foreign Traders Index, and more. OECD and IMF also offer CDs or diskettes, but the data is primarily statistical. [Terry Brainerd Chadwick (cwtc@psuorvm.bitnet), PACS-L, 11/10/92.] NTDB is also available on CD ROM or microfilm at depository libraries. Foreign Traders Index is a good place to browse for country and product information. A COMMERCE database sorted by product is also available. [Triveni Kuchi (kuchi@zodiac.bitnet), ibid.]

Commerce Dept. business statistics for the last four years can be obtained from the UCSC gopher. Telnet to and log in as gopher, the select The Library, Electronic Reference Books, Economic Bulletin Board, Business Statistics. [Jayne Levin (, 4/5/93.]

The Dept. of Energy Bulletin Board at (202) 586-2557 has data on petroleum production. [Cliff Williams (, online, 12/14/92.]

Current high-resolution weather images of North America are available from, courtesy of Western Satellite and [Norman Gillaspie (,, 4/1/93.]

USGS digitized mappings of the US include line graphs, elevation models, vegetation indexes, and land-use/land-cover data. Call the USGS Earth Science Information Office in Reston, VA at (800) USA-MAPS, (703) 648-6045, (703) 648-5548 Fax. [Greg Durocher (, comp.infosystems.gis, 3/29/93. CARR-L.] (Need a geometric-reasoning project? Perhaps USGS could suggest one, or could put you in touch with an appropriate customer.)

GeneSys, a new division of Dynix, will sell genealogical CD-ROM products from FamilySearch and Automated Archives Incorporated. Products include the Family History Library Catalog, International Genealogical Index, Social Security Death Index, Military Index, and 10M-record Ancestral File. (800) 222-3766. [PACS News, 8/26/92.]

Com-priv contributors warn that D&B reports on private companies are accurate only to within an order of magnitude. D&B estimates any information that the company refuses to volunteer, and the estimates are often laughable. [Rick Adams ( and Barry Shein (, 11/14/92.] (I've seen a lone consultant listed as a 10-person company in one of the library business guides.)