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MITRE's AI Center needs a group leader and technical staff in speech and language processing, scheduling, and intelligent training. HR, The MITRE Corp., 202 Burlington Road, Bedford, MA 01730. [Computer, 4/93, p. 90.]

A Washington/Baltimore group needs a US senior speech- processing specialist to lead a group in DOD algorithm development for compression, speech recognition, and speaker verification. 5+ years post-PhD experience. L.S. Gross, (410) 821-9351, (410) 583-1901 Fax. [Steven Gross (, comp.speech, 4/17/93.]

UMinnesota is reopening its search for a CS department head. Apply by 4/21 [?] to the Chair, Head Search Committee, Dept. of CS, 4-192 EE/CSci Building, UMinnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455. [Vipin Kumar (,, 4/19/93.]

UWestern Australia (Perth) seeks world-class applicants for a tenurable Chair in CS, with research in robotics, computer vision, logic, AI, or related areas. A$78K plus superannuation, fares, etc. Contact G. Roy (, +61 9-380-1089 Fax, or apply to, +61 9-380-1036 Fax, by 5/10. [Janet Jackson (, m.j.o, 4/15/93.]

Victoria University of Wellington (NZ) needs a CS lecturer or senior lecturer in software engineering, computer networks, or databases. John H. Hine (, (64) 4 495 5232 Fax. [m.j.o, 4/18/93.]

Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY), School of Information Studies, offers two 3-year fellowships in DOD-sponsored NLP for information retrieval (towards a PhD in Information Transfer). US citizenship required. Apply by 6/15. Elizabeth D. Liddy ( or Sung H. Myaeng (shmyaeng, (315) 443-2911. [IRList Digest, 4/13/93.]

Bristol University (UK) is offering a junior fellowship in CS, at about 14K pounds. Apply by 4/30 to Mrs. B.J. Ellison (, 0272-303108. [John Lloyd (, m.j.o, 4/19/93.]

A NY firm needs fixed-income analytical programmers with Wall Street experience; $150K plus bonus. Also PhDs in finance and statistics for research in mortgage modeling; $75K plus bonus. Superior Career Concepts, (212) 370-5140, (212) 370-9558 Fax. [Laura Sosa (, m.j.o, 4/19/93.]

A Boston company needs an experienced senior knowledge engineer. Other KE jobs in other major cities. Sandy Charles ( or Dalia Miller (, Rod Asher & Associates, (818) 905-9895 Fax. [, m.j.o, 4/13/93.]

Computer Sciences Corporation, Integrated Systems Div., needs an experienced BS+ senior computer scientist for government/DOD distributed database design (semantic modeling) and engineering. Unix/IBM/DBMS. Multiple projects, proposal writing, frequent travel. Jill Mode (, 304 West Route 38, P.O. Box N, Moorestown, NJ 08057. [m.j.o, 4/19/93.]

GTE (Waltham, MA) needs an experienced PhD project leader in software development environments for concurrent systems, including graphical programming. 7-person group working on applications in telephone switching, transaction processing, and multimedia communication services. Dr. Steven German ( [m.j.o, 4/19/93.]

Intel's AI Laboratory needs EE/CS graduate-student interns for 3-month summer projects in model-based monitoring, diagnosis, and manufacturing control for wafer production. May involve C/C++ neural networks, signal and data analysis, control, or image processing. Dr. Peter Raulefs (, 2200 Mission College Blvd., MS RN3-11, P.O. Box 58119, Santa Clara, CA 95052-8119; (408) 765-7909, (408) 765-7256/7920/9904 Fax.

AMOCO Research Center needs a BS/MS image-analysis software engineer for medical diagnostics products. Apply by 5/31 to P.O. Box 3011/F-3/HR Code AW, Naperville, IL 60566. [Computer, 4/93, p. 12.]

Interferometrics Inc. (Vienna, VA) needs an experienced BS/MS software engineer or scientist for data analysis and support of the Large Angle Spectrometric Coronagraph Observatory (LASCO). Raw data will be 200-300 daily images of the sun and its corona. Unix/C and IDL/SQL. Contact Dennis Wang ( or Dr. James Czechanski, (703) 790-8500, (703) 848-2492 Fax. [m.j.o, 4/19/93.]

Neural Applications Corp. needs two BS/MS neural network/fuzzy logic engineers for C-language applications in factory and process control. Generous compensation; heavy travel. Mr. William Staib, 4711 N. Brady St., Davenport, IA 52806. [staib, m.j.o, 4/16/93.] (Rule of thumb: make sure equity is in addition to salary, not in place of it.)