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Could a brain be analyzed and replaced neuron by neuron, ending with an artificial implementation of the original, specific personality? You can find a website devoted to this possibility, at . The idea dates back at least to Hans Moravec's 1988 book, "Mind Children: The Future of Robot and Human Intelligence." [Bill Park , 14Nov96.] (And before that to the philosophical problem of the Greek ship, replaced board by board.)

Cogsci-Hum is a new email list about cognitive science and the humanities and social sciences. Send a "sub cogsci-hum your name" message to . [Anne Jaap Jacobson , PSYCHE-D, 11Jan97. David Joslin.]

cogmap covers all aspects of cognitive mapping: how we acquire, learn, develop, think about, and store data relating to environments, including orientation and navigation aids for the visually impaired, in-vehicle route guidance, travel behavior, crime, education, and cartographic issues. Send a "join cogmap your name" message to . [, new-lists, 13Dec96.]

MOCHIN -- MIND, MATTER & MASHIACH, aka the Mind/Matter mailing list, is for discussing ultimate reality and the nature and role of intelligence (intuition, creativity, vision, genius, breakthrough, conscience, mission, obsession, destiny, desire, will, altruism, essence, being, consciousness, faith, certainty, science and religion, objectivity, immortality, etc.), specifically including Jewish and metaphysical thought. Send a "sub mochin your name" message to . David S. Devor . Sponsored by the Project Mind Foundation, . [Jan Shepherd , NEW-LIST, 06Feb97.]

-- Ken