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Internet World is growing from a newsletter into an ad-supported bimonthly magazine as of 9/93. It will be targeted to individual users and the people who serve them. "Information for the Connected and Outreach for the Interested." $30/year from Meckler Corp. (, (203) 454-7269 Fax. [Daniel P. Dern (, net-happenings, 7/7/93.]

Bits and Bytes is a new online weekly newsletter from Javier "Jay" Machado ( of ConRail Corporation. V1 N1 covers Pentium PC prices, computer industry news, MIS, information technology, corporate/political strategy, email access to the White House, a new IT-related beer-drinking society in India, and computer-related quotations. Send a "SUBSCRIBE" subject line to Jay or to if you'd like to subscribe. [Bill Park, 7/11/93.]

CONNECT Magazine has a new Computer BBS Edition. CONNECT is a bi-monthly covering CompuServe and other commercial services, Internet, and the BBS networks. BBS Legal Group will provide additional monthly editorial content and software for sysops, to be read via a free Text Reader Door. The custom Door supports PCBoard, Wildcat!, Gap, QBBS, RBBS, Spitfire, UltraBBS, Telegard, TriBBS, Remote Access, WWIV, or other software that can generate a User Data Drop File. CONNECT Magazine BBS Edition is $65/year until 10/1, then $90. Clint Bradford ( or 909/681-6221 8/N/1 v.32bis). [net-happenings, 7/7/93.]

GUIDON 1.1 is an MS Windows GUI for OCLC electronic journals. The Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials (JCCT) is the first such journal with graphics, hypertext links, Boolean search, and online document ordering. An ASCII version is available via OCLC's Electronic Publishing Service (EPS) interface. GUIDON versions are planned for Mac and X-windows. (614) 764-6467. [PACS News, PACS-L, 4/16.] For a description of JCCT's graphics handling, see Andrea Keyhani's article in Database, 2/93, pp. 14/23. [Vivienne Roumani-Denn, Current Cites, 4/93. PACS-L, 4/19/93.]