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Harm Munk ( was born three days before Sputnik 1. He studied physics at Eindhoven University of Technology, then worked 3.5 years on industrial automation for The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. He is now at Philips Research in the Knowledge Based Systems group, working on domain-specific knowledge formalisms. Harm is especially interested in fundamental algorithms, compiler generation, and knowledge base systems (as opposed to knowledge-based systems). Also astronomy, space technology, and model aircraft building and flying.

Maria Paola Bonacina is moving from a postdoc position at INRIA-Lorraine (Nancy, France) to an assistant professorship at UIowa/CS. She will be continuing her research on Distributed Deduction by Clause-Diffusion (from her SUNY SB PhD thesis): automated theorem proving by concurrent, asynchronous, loosely coupled processes cooperating through message passing. Her recent work on equality (e.g., in equational problems and first-order logic) has been implemented in C on a network of workstations. Distributed AI and problem solving also excite her. Maria Paola's new net address is

-- Ken