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Machine-Mediated Learning has issued a call for papers for V4 in 1994. Edward A. Friedman ( and Alan M. Lesgold (, (412) 624-7046. [EDTECH, 7/6/93. net-happenings.]

The Information Society solicits articles for its quarterly issues. Dr. Robert H. Anderson (, (310) 393- 4818 Fax. Subscriptions are $86. [Rob Kling (, EDTECH, 7/6/93. net-happenings.]

"Concurrent Engineering: Research and Applications (CERA)" is a new refereed quarterly from ISPE/CE. Research areas include enterprise modeling, decision support, intelligent retrieval, AI architectures, etc. Submit contributions to Biren Prasad (, (313) 661-8333 Fax. Subscription info from Academic Press Ltd. (, 71-482-2293 Fax. [DAI-List, 7/8/93.]